History of Junior Humanoid Soccer games

Known early examples of humanoid robot soccer built and programmed by junior students for Robocup refers to year 2016.


Some attepmts to play soccer by humanoid robot built by team from Israel were made at 2016 - 2018


Teams from Israel and Italy have played first International match as demo game at Robocup-2018 in Montreal

montreal 2018 with Raimondo's team

montreal 2018

In parallel 2 teams from Tomsk and from Moscow have played first game at Robofinist tournament in St.Petersburg at 2018


Same 2 teams have repeated demo game in Moscow at 2019


First full function tournament was held in Tomsk-2019 with 3 teams participating in Russian Nathinonal Robocup


Since 2019 the game was included into program of Robocup Asia - Pacific.


The field

The field is made from 3mm carpet with total size of 3 x 4 m,


with goals made from plumbing tubes, colored to yellow ant blue color.


The ball

The ball is orange color sponge ball with 80mm diameter.


The Robots

Currently 2 types of robots mostly used by teams:

Bioloid type with added camera head and computer


Robokit - a robot designed in MIPT with using Kondo servomotors from Japan


Last robot which performed best results in soccer game being champion of Asia-Pacific games of 2019 and 2020 is used as prototype for virtual model of standart robot in ELSIROS platform.